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Fractional Executive & Consulting Services

Regardless of size - small, medium, or large organizations can benefit from fractional services...

  • Get the help of a seasoned executive part-time for a "fraction" of the price of hiring someone full-time with benefits.

  • Fill key gaps in your executive leadership team while searching for a full-time hire.

  • Gain an additional perspective in solving complex problems, making strategic plans, and crafting a vision for the future.

  • "Move the ball" further by adding a fractional resource to spearhead key projects.

Here is a sampling of experience and industry knowledge that clients can leverage using our fractional executive services:

Fractional ​Services:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Employee Development

  • Employee Lifecycle Design

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Business Processes

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Branding and Design

  • Website Development

  • Project Management

  • IT Enterprise Planning

  • Customer Support

​Industry Experience:

  • Commercial Construction

  • Information Technology

  • Architectural and Engineering Services

  • Non-profit

  • Government agency

  • Legal / Law Firms

  • Churches

  • Staffing Agency

  • Nursing & Medical Care

  • Oil & Gas (E&P)

  • Restaurant and Hospitality


A trusted PARTNER for your journey...


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